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Cheesecake Festival- Shavuot Holiday


Celebrating Shavuot and the receiving of the Ten Commandments

Hey, Jew! Yeah, you!

You like cheesecake? Well so does Hashem! Did you know that Shavuot, in the original Aramaic, actually means "Festival of Cheesecakes?"

Sunday, June 9, 2019 a
@40 King Street, Norwalk
(Beth Israel of Westport/Norwalk)
For kids of all ages, singles, couples, families and YOU!

11:15 am Reading of the Ten Commandments-

12:30 pm Dairy Lunch- Cheesecake, Ice-cream, Pasta Brunch Buffet, 203 635 4118

suggested $15 Per Person 
$36 Sponsor
(Payment must be made in advance since it is on a Jewish Holiday)

In this most delicious, but often overlooked of Jewish holidays, Hashem commands us to eat at least 4 servings of cheesecake within a 2-hour period. Those who complete this mitzvah are granted a sneak peek at the Ten Commandments.

While the original cheesecakes our forefathers ate were made of goat's milk and dates, we're lucky enough to have a plethora of options nowadays, what with the new developments in milk technology and whatnot. So be sure to stop by and bring a friend!




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