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Rosh Hashana Sinner Dinner

Sunday evening- September 30 @7:30pm


You know how you never go to synagogue except for like, maybe Rosh Hashana and, what’s that other one? Yom Kippur?

Yeah…well Hashem doesn’t send you a reminder postcard in the mail, so it’s up to us.

Time to pray, sinners! Rosh Hashana is here!

You can pray with us, dine with us and celebrate with us!

Picture it: Transcendental spirituality. Weird exotic fruits. Jewish renewal. Weird exotic people. And all around good times.

Be there! And what better way to kick off this intense period of introspection than with a big, fat, happy, drunken family-style dinner? A sinner-dinner, if you will.

Dinner at- 13 Tarone Drive, Norwalk @8pm

$25 Contribution welcome!



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